Effective Cyber Security awareness in demand

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Demand is growing for the services of a Hertfordshire-based company that is
helping businesses better understand the threat from cyber criminals.
Intqual-pro is the global lead for the delivery of the Cyber Stars
programme, which is an on-site course giving organisations an improved
understanding of cyber security.

The Cyber Stars Initiative is the UK’s only Cyber Security Awareness course
with an OFQUAL-regulated qualification attached. This ensures that every
individual that completes the course has proven their ability to identify
cyber threats and respond appropriately.
Many of Intqual-pro’s global clients are large financial sector
organisations, which have traditionally been hit by a number of serious and
high-profile cyber attacks, putting sensitive information relating to
customers’ personal security at risk. Operations Director Mark Burton said:
“Cyber Stars is an excellent course which helps bring about culture change
in the way that companies understand and protect what is considered to be
sensitive data. “Cyber security is not just something that senior staff
should deal with, it is something that people at all levels of the
organisation should know about. The CEO may appreciate the importance of
security but does everyone across the organisation understand their role?
In one high profile case recently, the security breach occurred because
someone clicked on a link in an email. They were unable to identify the
threat and even having made the mistake, knowing how to respond to the
incident effectively is critical. We specialise in helping companies to
change their culture when it comes to security and are finding ourselves
increasingly in demand across the world. ”

Formed in 2014, Intqual-pro provides high quality training and
qualifications across 22 countries and its trainers include former military
and law enforcement intelligence specialists.

You can find out more about the company at www.intqual-pro.com/cyber-stars/